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Can you convert my tape format?
We’re able to convert all camcorder and VCR tapes.

Here’s a full list of formats that we digitize.  If you don’t know exactly what you have, no worries.  We convert every type of consumer format.

VHS-c (small VHS tapes that need an adapter – no need to send your adapter, we’ve got you covered)
3/4 inch Umatic
Beta Cam SP
Mini DV HD

What if my tape is blank?
We know, you meant to press record.

Our technicians will spend time reviewing and checking your tape for footage.  If you tape is blank, we’ll issue you a credit for another videotape conversion.  It’s on the house.

How many tapes fit on a DVD?

To ensure the best quality and consistency with each conversion, we convert each tape to its own DVD or digital file.

Can you digitize a broken tape?
We provide professional tape repair for $24.95. A technician will review your tape and by hand fix any issues necessary to get playback.

Can I edit the DVD?
Our DataDVD will provide you with MP4 files that you can edit. You can edit and share your footage using all major video editing programs like iMovie or Microsoft Movie Maker. You can also store these digital video files on your computer or hard drive as a back-up. This disc will not play on a standard DVD player.

Can you convert foreign tapes?
Yes, we’ll convert your foreign (PAL or SECAM) videos to US (NTSC) DVDs. Foreign conversions are an additional service at $25 per tape.

Do the DVDs include chapters or title screens?
Your DVDs will include automatic chapter markers at 10 minute intervals. This is for quick scanning through your content. We do not provide custom chapter markers or title screens. Your DVD will play back the same as your original tape.

Are you able to transfer copyrighted material?
Yes!  Legally, we’ll create one digital backup copy of your home videotapes for your own personal use.

What if my tape is over 2 hours?
No worries – we’ve got you covered.  Each tape is converted to its own DVD or digital file.  If your tape is over 2 hours, add a sticky note to the tape and our technicians will ensure that they digitize all the footage on your tape.

Digital Files

What’s the format of the digital files?
We encode videos in MPEG-4 H.264 standard definition, matching the quality that the overwhelming majority of home movies were recorded.

These MPEG-4 files, or MP4 files are a common video format used by computers and other devices, including editing software.  They’ll work great on your computer or iPad.

Tech specs:  High quality digital encoding: MPEG-4 H.264, 640×480, 2500 kbps, 128 kbps AAC audio. If you don’t know the specs, don’t worry. They’re made to work on any computer.  Estimated file size:  1 GB / hr

How do I use my digital files?
Digital files are great for:
Copying to your computer
View on your computer
Editing on your computer – iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, and other editing software programs (only supported on recent versions of Microsoft Movie Maker)
Storing on your hard drive
Uploading to YouTube
Uploading and Sharing on YouTube
Storing securely on file services like Dropbox
Sharing to your iPad

Do you offer editing services?
Our services do not provide editing. If you are looking to edit, we recommend purchasing digital files. We will provide digital files when you add the additional thumb drive to your order. The thumb drives will contain digital MP4 video files that you can edit on your computer! You can edit and share your video footage using all video editing programs such as iMovie or Microsoft Movie Maker. You can also store these digital video files on your computer or hard drive as a back-up.


I have a promo code, now what?
You can start by building your order Once you’ve set up your order, proceed to the checkout
Place your promo code in the ‘promo code box’.  You will see your promotional code applied to your order.  #AMERICA


**notes on AMERICA – we are not able to combine promo codes – there’s a limit of one per order.

Technical Questions

What formats do you convert?
Videotapes – We’re able to digitize all common camcorder tapes and VCR tapes.  If you bought your camcorder at Best Buy, we can digitize it. Here’s a full list of formats:  VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, 8mm video cassette, MiniDV, HDV, and MicroMV.

Film – Regular 8, 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm.

Photos – Standard 35mm Slides, 35mm Negatives, and Photo Prints (up to 8.5 x 11, loose or stacked – no photo albums at this time)

Audio – Standard Audio Cassette Tapes (no mini cassettes at this time)

Will the DVDs play in my DVD player?
Yes.  Each DVD is professionally mastered and authored, just like a Hollywood movie. They will play in all major DVD players and computers.  We use Grade A DVDs rated for +100 years.

Do you convert foreign or PAL tapes?
Yes! We’ll convert your foreign (PAL or SECAM) videos to US (NTSC) DVDs.

Foreign conversions (videotapes that were recorded overseas and are not able to be played on US players) are an additional service and only $25 per tape.  You can find this service on our pricing page.

I have an iPad or newer computer – I don’t want DVDs
Awesome!  DVDs were great in the 2000s

Now it’s time for digital files.  We are able to convert your home movies and film reels to digital video files that can be uploaded to your computer or iPad.  You can even edit and trim your video clips, and share the ones you want on Facebook, YouTube, or save in Dropbox.

For photos, we digitize them to images (JPEG) just like a modern digital camera, so you can import them into iPhoto or other photo editing software.

For videos, we digitize them to MPEG-4 video format that you can download, store, edit and share.

Do you convert material that is under copyright?
Yes!  Legally, we’ll create one digital backup copy of your home videotapes for your own personal use.


Can you convert my photo or slide format?

We’re able to digitally scan your photos.

We can process the following formats:

Printed Photo (stacked or loose, up to 8.5 x 11)

Standard Slides (35mm)

Your slides will be scanned to digital JPEG files that you can store, edit and share.

Do I need to take photos out of the albums?
Yes, because of the variety of equipment needed to digitize your images, we recommend sending your images loose-leaf. This will help ensure that you receive the highest quality scan from your photos.

What is the photo resolution?
Our High Resolution scanning is up to 300 DPI and our Pro Resolution scanning is up to 600 DPI.

Can you convert my negatives?
Yes! We’re able to digitally scan your negatives and create digital JPEG images of your photos!

We can process the following formats:

Printed photos (stacked or loose, up to 8.5in x 11in)
Standard Slides

*All photos are scanned at high quality resolution of 300DPI.
*All photos will be placed on a photo disc for you to view, edit and share on your computer.
*Currently we are unable to process: photos in albums, glass slides, and non-standard negatives (medium format)


Can you convert my audio format?

We are able to digitize your audio formats.

We currently digitize:

Audio Cassettes

Reel-to-reel audio

What format are audio cassettes converted to?
Audio cassettes will be converted to WAV files on a CD. This will play back in a CD player or computer. You will also be able to download these files to your computer and open in a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player. For the best quality, each side of your cassette will be transferred to its own CD. We cannot combine multiple tapes onto one disc.


Can you convert my film format?

We can convert your old home movie film reels to DVD or digital files.

We digitize the following formats:

Super8 film

8mm film

Sound film

How many film reels can fit on a DVD?
Film reels will be transferred back to back on your DVD. Because of the variety of equipment used, chronological or numerical order of your reels in not guaranteed. Our DVDs are able to contain approximately 1,000 ft of film, so your order may require multiple discs.

How To Order

How long does it take?
Standard processing time is estimated at 3-4 weeks outside of Christmas, once your order arrives at our processing facility.

We also offer rush processing options upon checkout.

We believe in quality, so we do everything by hand and we won’t compromise.  We want to ensure the best quality digitizing experience.

Certain formats require additional processing time, and during peak processing seasons processing time can be extended.

We provide online order tracking so you can always monitor your order’s progress. To track the progress of your order

Where do I send my order?
Send in your orders to…

25 Chippewa Road,
Westford MA 01886

**note: please place your order online before mailing your order (we cannot accept orders that have not been first placed online)We recommend shipping orders through a trackable carrier like FedEx or UPS.

How much is shipping?
Great news!  We offer $15 flat-rate return shipping for all orders!  It includes your original items and your new DVDs or digital files.
This is not applicable to orders placed from Arizona or Hawaii or international orders.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including, MC/Visa.

You can place your order online here.
*Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept PayPal.

Customer Support
We’re here to help!

Do you have a question that you can’t find an answer to? Not a problem! For quick answers, simply contact at americanvideo@comcast.net or call 978-273-7528